Pockets & Pochettes

Gunter and Kristoff

Two Fold Square is the brainchild of Kristoff Bertram. A creative agency owner by day, a dandy by heart, and a proud citizen of world fashion capital Antwerp, Belgium (here they call them “stoefferkes” or “show-off’s”, by the way), he devised the brand late 2016.

The idea of working with an artist came from the start. There is no shortage of beautiful pocket squares, Kristoff believes. In fact, it’s what lies at the heart of Two Fold Square. “Some men own one pocket square. Like they own one tie. And that’s fine. But then I’d like for their one pocket to be truly unique. And that’s what TFSQ’s are.” And of course, and contrary to popular belief, the pocket should not match the tie, but compliment it. As for them being double-sided? The concept certainly isn’t new. “I like having both sides available. You get to be creative with your folds. We’ve been trying to come up with entirely new designs for it.”

Kristoff was joined by friend Gunter Zoetaert towards the end of 2017. An aspiring art collector, entrepreneur and gentle epicurean, becoming part of TFSQ “made sense”, Gunter says.

Kristoff fondly recalls his first pocket square. “A gift. It was great. Pitch black shiny silk. At the time, I was heavily into black suits—my Reservoir Dogs period—and the pocket square gave it a really cool finish. I loved the look. Still love that look.” More colourful and expressive motifs followed soon.

As for Gunter? A Two Fold Square.

Why Two Fold Square?

Wearing a pocket square is such a wonderful and informal way of expressing yourself. It’s subtle and stylish. A little flair for any occasion, and it beats the need for a tie.

Two Fold Square pocket squares are to be exceptional. Meticulously crafted by an artist with great and attentive care for finishing, both in product and packaging, they are a great accessoire and above all, a fantastic addition, or start, to any -hopefully- growing collection.