Ok then

Geertrui Storms

Our inaugural edition is at the hand of Belgian graphic designer Geertrui Storms. Geertrui is skilled lettering artist who draws and teaches all over Europe. When asked to create our pochette, the concept quickly came to be. A phrase, somewhat arrogant, somewhat sarcastic, typeset in such a way that it requires closer inspection after which its message unfolds. Ok then.

Style notes

A custom handwritten ‘Ok then’ is set in a hexagonal pattern, coloured in a soft green against a deep dark blue background.

(In) the box

The pocket square is made of pure silk, digitally printed and measures 35x35cm. It is sent out numbered and packaged in a beautiful gift box. The box is 17.5cm by 17.5cm and matches the design.

Recommended fold

We suggest the formal yet casual Two-Tip-Up fold. Choose the solid side for a classic look or go with printed for cool. One word of advice: lightly starch your pochette so the tips remain in place.

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